The research & development department of Summer Garden Food Manufacturingresearches current markets and the latest technologies to generate new ideas that offer customers:

            *proprietary recipes     * in-house recipes     *reverse engineered recipes     *new product formulations


The on-site pilot lab is equipped with a system to duplicate the processing procedures that are employed in the manufacture of all finished products.

Continuous product development improvement through SQF.

R&D has on staff a Food Technologist that is responsible for the review of all formulas and processes to ensure that all developmental products are in compliance with food safety requirements and government regulations.

The R&D laboratory is set up to measure all key analytical values used in the manufacture of a variety of sauces. The R&D develops all specifications used in the manufacture of SGFM products.

The SGFM culinary chefs are available to assist with the development of new products profiles and recipes.

Label information for ingredient statements and nutritional panel are generated
in house by SGFM R&D staff.

Sensory panels are implemented to perform internal and external tastings & cuttings.